Background Information

In Hida City, Gifu, there are a total of three ski and snowboard resorts. These resorts include Hida Island, Hida Kawai, and Star Spur Ryokufu Resort Hida Nagareha. In reality, Japan has a lot of resorts. Each of the resort provide tourists and local visitors some of their experiences. The Star Spur Ryokufu Resort Hida Nagareha will be our focus in this website. Though this ski and snowboard resort is not much large, tourists can have an opportunity to explore this wonderful resort and enjoy the services offered.

It is important to know about the resort’s elevation, slope, longest course, and number of lifts. In terms of the elevation, the maximum elevation is 1422 m while the minimum elevation is 750 m. The steepest slope is 38 degrees and the longest course is 3000 m. Lastly, it has a total of 7 number of lifts. With regards to its location, it is quite far from the big cities which is good to avoid the crowd especially during weekends. The resort is also perfect for various skill levels.

There is also an area that offers nice powder snow. There are tree runs too that can give adventure seekers a time to explore. The long courses that have decent steepness gives everyone who try skiing and snow boarding a very unique experience. Among the best attractions of Japan are the trees. Anyone who wants to avoid the crowd and are on the go for adventure can proceed to this resort. With regards to the staff, they are friendly and approachable.